Rasayana health drink

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“Regain yourself back in those days”
Health drink blended with 40 scientifically verified herbs

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Comprehensive health drink in the era of 100 years of life

A patented *1 comprehensive health drink that is an exquisite blend of 40 traditional Ayurvedic herbs .

It is designed to maximize the ability of the whole body to maintain beauty and health by fusing oriental medicine and modern life science.

Packed with highly concentrated extracts of traditional Ayurvedic herbs.

Please enjoy the sourness of Amla and the unique taste of herbs.


*1 PatentNo. 5935103

Healthy drinking water characterized by being used for anti-aging and beauty promotion purposes by removing wastes and toxins and activating cells throughout the body.


【I recommend this hotel】

・I feel the decline due to age

・I want to maintain beauty and health

・Worried about imbalance

・Interested in esthetics and yoga


How to serve

Shake well before consuming 1-2 bottles per day.

If sediment remains, we recommend adding water and drinking to the end.

Arrangements such as adding honey or mixing with milk are also recommended.


All ingredients

Amla (Bangladesh), Japanese morning glory, Glycyrrhiza, Long pepper, Shatavari, Assaganda, Vernoki, Adatodawashika, Kebra pedra, Grape, Cinnamon tow, Fenugreek, Ginger, Kiwata, Sorrel, Kingfisher, Tribulus terrestris, Nanban saikachi, Wood butterfly, Kidachiyouraku, Stereospermum, Orchid foxtail, Tasmania, Lamb’s palm, Moss bean, Teramunus labialis, Tenjikunasubi, Kimino Yamahoroshi, Japanese wax tree, Sannah, Nachakwort, Water lily, Kouxitan, Marubanohoroshi, Epiphytic orchid, Cardamom, Ceylon tetsuboku, Ceylon cinnamon , Tamara cinnamon, ellagic acid (plant-derived), sucrose (plant-derived)


nutrition information

Nutritional information per bottle ( 20g )
Energy 15kcal
Protein 0.1g
Lipid    0.02g
Carbohydrate  3.6g
Sodium 5.4mg
Salt equivalent 0.02g


 Q. When should I take it? 

A. If you have a strong stomach, we recommend taking it before a meal, but if you have a weak stomach, we recommend taking it after a meal. As with meals, we recommend that you avoid taking it right before bedtime.


Q.  How many bottles can I drink per day?

A. Basically, we recommend one bottle a day , but you can drink up to 2-3 bottles a day according to your physical condition.


Q. What happens if I drink more than that?

Herbs also have an optimal intake amount, so please take 1 to 3 bottles a day according to your physical condition.

Q. Is it safe for children to drink?

A.No problem. It is suitable for adults weighing 60 to 70 kg , so please adjust the amount you drink according to your body weight.


Q. What does it taste like?

A. It has a sour and bitter taste. Even if you find it difficult to drink at first, if you continue, you can feel the change in your physical condition, such as feeling bitterness or sourness depending on the day.


Q. It is difficult to drink because it is bitter.

A. Dilute with water, hot water, milk, etc., or add honey to make it easier to drink.


Q. Can I mix it with food?

A.No problem. Some customers have dressing with olive oil.


Q. How should I drink it?

A. Some people drink it all at once, saying it’s bitter, but if you’re conscious of your health, I recommend drinking it slowly while feeling the six flavors with your tongue.


Q. How long should I continue?

A. We recommend that you continue for 2 to 3 months while observing the situation at first, and then continue for as long as possible, such as using it in combination with Herbal Supplement Life Boost according to your physical condition .


Q. Can it be stored after opening?

A. Since no preservatives are used, please drink as soon as possible after opening.

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