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A luxurious bath time that heals the scalp and mind with the ultimate gentleness and the scent of essential oils. A

trial set of 30 mL of scalp cleansing (shampoo) and 30 g of hair treatment containing only ingredients that are extremely gentle on the scalp and hair. 10 times).
Recommended for those who want to try shampoo and treatment for the first time before using.

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“Shampoo and treatment that is gentle on the scalp and hair”

A trial set ( about 5 to 10 times ) of shampoo and treatment that is extremely gentle on the hair and scalp, containing only 18 types of traditional Indian herbs and low-toxic ingredients. By using a gentle surfactant that does not damage the scalp environment, it thoroughly cares for the scalp and hair.


A cream-type shampoo containing only ingredients that are extremely gentle on the scalp. 18 kinds of uniquely selected Ayurvedic herbs * 1 lead to a healthy scalp environment, and surfactants that are gentle on the scalp thoroughly wash away dirt and odors. You can wash away dirt and odors while caring for your scalp by not foaming.


18 kinds of Ayurvedic herbs *1 , natural oils *2 , and high-performance hair repair ingredients *3 , which are uniquely selected from 300 kinds of herbs with hair-growth effects, moisturize each strand of hair and care for damage. While moisturizing firmly, it leads to a healthy scalp environment. Creates a supple firmness and plump texture.

*1  18 types of Ayurvedic herbs (keep scalp and hair healthy)

Anmaroku fruit extract, Takasaburo extract, Anemone extract, Moonflower fruit extract, Centella asiatica extract, Indian pine root extract, Bengal oak root extract, Sandalwood extract, Cinnamomum cinnamomum bark extract, Glycyrrhiza stalk extract, Yorusokei leaf extract, Chiletta japonica extract, Black hawk Myrobalan Fruit Extract, Bussouge Leaf Extract, Togevareria Stem Extract, Barberry Stem Extract, Nymphaea Stellata Flower Extract, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract

*2 5 types of natural oil (moisturizes the scalp and hair)

Moringa seed oil, rice bran oil, jojoba seed oil, Argania spinosa kernel oil, avocado oil

*3 Highly functional hair repair ingredient (gives hair firmness and elasticity, making it supple)

Hydrolyzed wool cuticle protein, isostearoyl hydrolyzed keratin ( wool ) , γ -docosalactone, ceramides, amino acids

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