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“100 years of beautiful and healthy life”
Supplement blended with 40 kinds of scientifically verified herbs

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Supporting a youthful and comfortable daily life with the comprehensive power of 40 kinds of herbs”

Inner care is important to keep your skin and hair young and beautiful.

A traditional Ayurvedic formula verified with modern science and improved for Japan to maintain beauty and health.

Designed to optimize the function of the whole body and keep the internal environment clean.

Harness the power of herbs to bring a healthy balance to the mind and body.

How to serve

Please take 10 to 20 tablets a day with water or lukewarm water before meals.

All ingredients

Amla, morning glory, licorice, long pepper, shatavari, asaganda, vernoki, adatdawashika, quebra pedra, grape, licorice, fenugreek, ginger, kiwata, oxalis, crocosmia, tribulus terrestris, nanban saikachi, wood butterfly, kidachiyouraku, stereospermum, Orchid foxglove, Tamatsuna, Moss bean, Moss bean, Teramunus labialis, Tenjikunasubi, Kiminoyamahoroshi, Japanese wax tree, Sanna, Nymphalera, Water lily, Kouxitan, Marubanohoroshi, Epiphytic orchid, Cardamom, Ceylon tetsuboku, Ceylon cinnamon, Tamara cinnamon, Ellagic Acid (Vegetable Source) / Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Micronized Silicon Dioxide

nutrition information

Calories per 10 grains (2.5g)
Protein 0.12g
Lipid    0.05g
Carbohydrate 2.06g
Salt equivalent 0.001g


Q. What is the difference from Rasayana?

A. The herbs used are the same, but the concentrations are different. In addition, Rasayana is an extract extracted from herbs, but herbal supplements are made by crushing herbs and making them into tablets, so there are some differences in the ingredients.


Q. How different are they?

A. Rasayana Drink is a highly concentrated herbal extract health drink. Think of herbal supplements as 1/5 of drinks.


Q. When should I take it?

A. We recommend taking it before meals. As with meals, we recommend that you avoid taking it right before bedtime.


Q. The standard is 10 tablets a day, but how much can I take?

A. You can take up to 50 tablets.


Q. Is it okay to drink it with tea?

A. It’s okay, but we recommend taking it with water or lukewarm water.


Q. I am currently taking medications. Is it okay to take them together?

A. Since it is a health supplement, it is basically okay, but if you feel any change in your physical condition, immediately stop taking it and consult a specialist.


Q. I am taking other health supplements. Is it okay to use them together?

A. It’s basically okay, but if you feel any change in your physical condition, immediately stop taking it and consult a specialist.  


Q. How long should I drink after opening?

A. Please drink as soon as possible within 2 months. (If 10 tablets a day, 600 tablets in about 2 months)

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